Your Introduction To Dr. Lawrence G. Stern:



Your course of care with us will include gentle, intuitive Network Spinal Analysis along with traditional Chiropractic services. This work is supported by the latest diagnostic technology plus classes and workshops that will transform your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Dr. Stern’s team-based approach to wellness that includes nutritional support, massage, and physical training is always evolving. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best, most innovative techniques and ideas to create extraordinary states of health.

The purpose of your 4-Visit Workup is to evaluate the present state of your spine, nervous system, spinal cord tension patterns, nutritional needs, and musculo-skeletal system health. Once Dr. Stern understands how these interrelated factors influence your life and well-being, he’ll develop a recommended action plan to suit your health and wellness needs.

You’ll receive three hands-on healing sessions during this initial series so you can understand and experience Dr. Stern’s approach and so he can recommend the appropriate care plan based upon your response. Depending on your needs, these sessions will involve Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments, Trigger Point Therapy and/or Network Entrainments.

Spinal Adjustments and Trigger Point Therapy are what you might expect from “traditional” Chiropractic methods. Network Entrainments are specific to Network Spinal Analysis, Sr. Stern’s preferred technique. NSA involves a gentle and precise touch to the spine which cues the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies.

Please plan on spending at least one hour at his office during each of these initial sessions. Ideally, this series of four appointments will be scheduled over a period of 2 weeks.

Your First Visit

At visit one we will discuss in detail your primary health concerns and the relationship between these issues and the health of your spine and nervous system.

What happens during visit one?

Comprehensive Consultation

Comprehensive NSA Evaluation & Musculoskeletal Exam

Network Entrainment/Spinal Adjustment

An evaluation of your spine and nervous system will reveal tension patterns in your spinal cord that distorts your body’s signals that are essential to physical function and overall well-being.

In this first appointment, we identify the structural imbalances at the root of many of the aches and pains that may have been with you for years. This is the beginning of resolving muscles spasms, immobility, and discomfort that limits your ability to be active and enjoy life.

After this thorough evaluation and physical exam, you will receive the first of three Network Entrainments/Spinal Adjustments.

Your Second Visit

During visit two you’ll receive unprecedented insights into your health thanks to leading edge diagnostic tools and expert analysis.

What happens during Visit Two?

Wellness Education & Information Consultation

Computerized COREscore™ Evaluation

Digital Orthotic & Body View Exam

Network Entrainment/Spinal Adjustment

Dr. Stern will spend time with you and explain Chiropractic care, Network Spinal Analysis, and how his approach improves the functioning of your nervous system and your overall state of health.

Your care with Dr. Stern is supported by his years of experience and attention to your specific needs and healing journey.

Simultaneously, your care is guided by the latest in 21st century health technology.

Your Third Visit

During visit three we’ll investigate the vital role that nutrition plays in your overall vitality and how what you eat plays a role in the symptoms you’re experiencing right now.

What happens during Visit Three?

Wellness Education and Information follow-up

ZYTO Select 5.0 Nutritional Scan

Network Entrainment/Spinal Adjustment

Dr. Stern will help you understand how Chiropractic care, Network Spinal Analysis, and other healing modalities offered by his team will help you reach your wellness goals.

The ZYTO Nutritional Scan uses biocommunication – an exchange of information between a computer and your body – to give us a deeper understanding of the nutritional and medical preferences of your body.

Your Forth Visit

During visit four we will discuss your recommended health and wellness care plan based on Dr. Stern’s observations and the data from your diagnostic scans.

What happens during Visit Four?

A Report of Clinical Findings

Dr. Stern’s Recommendations

Your care plan is informed by your individual needs, your response to the previous three adjustments/entrainments and the results of your COREscore, 3D Body View, and ZYTO Scan. You’ll receive a document that outlines how Dr. Stern will address structural and nutritional imbalances, correct spinal cord distortions, and provide a comprehensive healing plan.

At this fourth visit you will also receive a proposed care schedule including cost estimates.


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