Modern Diagnostics Inform Healing Insights

Your care with Dr. Stern is holistic, modern and focused on helping you achieve optimal wellness. Your healing journey is guided by the experience, intuition, and attention to your specific needs and healing journey. Simultaneously, your care is illuminated by the latest in 21st century health technology.

During your 4-Visit Network Care Workup as a new patient, you’ll be evaluated using three diagnostic technologies. These same tests will be used to evaluate your progress throughout your course of care with us.


COREScore™: A Window Into Your Functional Nervous SystemCoreScoreReport_81WomanBLUE

Three distinct measurements give us an understanding of the efficiency and function of your nervous system.

  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) helps us understand your body’s capacity for “reserves and resiliency”
  • The Rolling Thermal Scan identifies regions of emerging and damaging nerve tension.
  • The sEMG shows energy expenditure in the total spinal core system and reveals musculo-skeletal distortion patterns that may be impacting your health



Stabilizing Orthotics and the 3D BodyView™: Discover the Physical Sources of Your Pain and Discomfortdownload

When you correct imbalances in the feet, you can correct misalignments throughout the body. Screening for foot imbalances helps to locate hidden postural distortions that could be causing and/or contributing to pain and discomfort in your feet, knees, hips and spine.

3D imaging technology lets us see how your arches have fallen and how each foot differs from the other, creating an imbalance that resonates up the entire kinetic chain. This exam will help us discover whether Stabilizing Orthotics are right for you.



ZYTO Scan: Understand How Your Body Wants to Be Nourisheddownload (1)

ZYTO technology reveals your biological preferences when it comes to foods, medicine, nutritional supplements and other beneficial treatments. Based on this information, we are able to help you create a nutrition plan that helps you feel great and supports your healing journey with Dr. Stern.


All of these tests are a standard part of the 4 Visit Network Care Workup we do for new patients. Call today to schedule an appointment or click here to learn about what to expect in your first four visits to our office