Network Spinal Analysis is our Core Clinical System.

Vibrant, Empowered and Aware


  Network Spinal Analysis (NSA – formerly known as Network Chiropractic) care helps people “break the cycle” of chronic pain, tension, overwhelm, exhaustion, and being stressed out, so they can fully express their vitality, passion, and clarity.

By creating novel, embodied strategies for new levels of health and personal growth, studies demonstrate that NSA care can help people with conditions ranging from back pain, ADHD, and infertility to PTSD and substance abuse.

It can also predictably enhance and optimizes physical health, emotional/mental well being, and life enjoyment across the board. People engaged in Network Care tend to make healthy lifestyle changes more easily and spontaneously.

Reboot Your Brain and Spine


An evidence-based approach to wellness and body awareness, NSA care was developed by Dr. Donald “Donny” Epstein, DC, in the early 1980’s. From working with thousands of people, he found that specific tension patterns occur when the spinal cord and spinal nerves are overstretched or damaged from the accumulation of physical, emotional, mental, and chemical stress in our bodies.

When the spinal cord and associated nerves are stretched or damaged, they lose the ability to properly coordinate the brain and body, and they distribute tension and vibration in different patterns through the body’s 75-100 trillion cells. This embodied stress, or “defense physiology”,profoundly affects every aspect of your body-mind: proper function, emotion, identity, behaviors, and conscious awareness.



Network Spinal Entrainment

image2In an NSA session with Dr. Stern, he will:

  • Discern how your body, spine, and nerve system are “wearing” physical, mental, and chemical stress as tension patterns or “Phases” of adverse mechanical spinal cord tension.
  • Access specific areas of the spine (Spinal Gateways) that, with precise gentle finger contacts, will reset the pattern, reboot the brain, and help you resolve the tension from the inside.

You may become aware of wave-like movements as your body learns how to release body and life tension and use existing tension as fuel to re-organize your spine and perception for deeper healing and enhanced wellness

By working with you as an integrated whole, the results go above and beyond what’s expected. This process, called spinal entrainment, requires no twisting, popping, or cracking to create powerful results.

People receiving NSA care are able to decrease pain more quickly and easily, adapt to change more enjoyably, and develop greater awareness of the relationships between their body, mind, emotions, and spirit.


Benefits of NSA Care

According to our groundbreaking study, there are five reliable, measurable results utilizing Network Spinal Analysis:                     Check out all 45 benefits of care

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