Somato Respiratory Integration

What is SRI?

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is a chiropractic regimen pioneered by Dr. Donald Epstein, along with his innovative practice of Network Spinal Analysis. Aimed at allowing an individual to explore and benefit from the deeply intimate connection between their internal rhythm and their mind, SRI entails the practice of a series of breathing exercises.

The gentle force of your breath and respiratory patterns, coupled with light movement and delicate touch, enables you to focus in on your own physical rhythms and simultaneously tap in to the healing power of your inner self.

The human body is a powerful instrument and its ultimate purpose is to give safe haven to the human spirit. The relationship between the spirit and its vessel is deep and powerful and is reflected physiologically in the connection between the mind and the nerve spine system. Somato Respiratory Integration allows you to recognize that connection and focus in on the mind’s innate ability to help heal and revitalize you. It enhances your understanding of the mind-body connection and opens the door more fully to your innate intelligence, a force that resides within each of us, helping us to self-heal, self-regulate, and deal with stress effectively.

Somato Respiratory Integration is best used alongside Network Spinal Analysis, as both approaches work together to release a body from stress and pain and to harness the power of the mind-body connection. SRI has a number of benefits that result from the enhanced connection between the brain and the body, including better general health and a strong sense of emotional and physical well-being.

The ultimate goal of Somato Respiratory Integration is to provide people with the means to experience their body and its rhythms more intimately, and to gain a deeper understanding of the powerful relationship between those rhythms and the mind.

By understanding this connection, you can develop lifelong strategies for putting yourself in a state of consciousness that allows you to make use of that innate intelligence in your daily life experience. In heightening your awareness and understanding of your own mind-body connectedness, SRI enhances your ability to respond well to stress, adapt to changing situations, and stay mentally and physically healthy.

There are many chiropractors, but only a few that emphasize the integral connection between the workings of the inner mind and the rhythms of the human body.

When harnessed together, the benefit to your health and well-being is immeasurable. Call Dr. Stern today 914-218-6424 to learn more about Somato Respiratory Integration and the very latest techniques in chiropractic healing.