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The "Network Wave" Enhanced Wellness and Reorganizational Healing! The Wave of the Future, Today!

Posted by Lawrence G Stern, DC on Thursday, February 26, 2015
Network Entrainment

Posted by Lawrence G Stern, DC on Saturday, November 18, 2017

“It is difficult to fully express what happens in the healing spaces of Dr. Stern, but it is easy to say how well cared for I feel when I’m there, and how much I trust this process he has mastered.  It’s as if all the fragmented regions of my body and psyche are somehow settling into a sweet spot of convergence.  And at some point I notice that a long soft wave of breathing has arrived, and that I have arrived in a body that’s whole.  And then I realize that all the little ways my body had organically responded to Dr. Stern’s subtle healing moves were the obstacles to this wholeness disappearing, like actors gracefully bowing out.  With each visit I sense my body learning – remembering anew – this sense wholeness and connection with life.  A line from Rumi seems to say it just as well:  “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”    Or even better:  “What you seek is seeking you.””

Steve P.

“I’ve been under Dr. Larry’s care for about three months for pains of all sorts. Arthritis in my neck, scoliosis in my back and restless legs, and a few more.
My old “norm” was knowing that there would be pain and numbness when I would reach for something or bend over to pet my dog. Since the beginning of Network Care , those pains and sensations weren’t happening as often and it was only a couple sessions into working with Dr. Larry that I realize how much more my body was transforming.
I had no idea what Network Spinal Analysis was or what it did. I’ve been seeing a number of chiropractors over the course of my lifetime and never heard of this unique healing work and I was eager to try it based upon the recommendation from my colleagues.
Network Care might be difficult to describe but after after a long week, that 30 minute session of no thinking and just breathing takes me to a whole different place.
“Gives me that reset button to handle what comes ahead of me.”

Sue V.

“The results I have experienced through Dr. Larry’s treatment has been nothing short of miraculous!

I have been going to chiropractors for over 40 years, for back and neck treatment and finally reached a point where it was time to try something different. (I couldn’t take the ever-worsening pain!) It was time to treat the root cause – not just adjust for the moment.

I was initially trepidatious regarding the Network Entrainment (it seemed weird quite frankly). But I was ready to dance naked around an oak tree, under a full moon, while singing Hallelujah, if it would help. Thankfully I didn’t have to go that far. Instead, I drove to Mount Kisco, NY. 🚗 😃👍

The transformation in my neck and spine has been incredible! Surprisingly, it seems to have had an effect on other areas as well – even my appetite has improved.

I highly recommend Dr Larry and his treatment. I say trust him, give yourself over to his care and prepared to have your mind blown!”

Liz J.

I’ve been under Dr. Larry’s care for about three months for pains of all sorts. Arthritis in my neck, scoliosis in my back and restless legs, and a few more.

My old “norm” was knowing that there would be pain and numbness when I would reach for something or bend over to pet my dog.  Since the beginning of Network Care , those pains and sensations weren’t happening as often and it was only a couple sessions into working with Dr. Larry that I realize how much more my body was transforming.

I had no idea what Network Spinal Analysis was or what it did.  I’ve been seeing a number of chiropractors over the course of my lifetime and never heard of this unique healing work and I was eager to try it based upon the recommendation from my colleagues.

Network Care might be difficult to describe but after after a long week, that 30 minute session of no thinking and just breathing takes me to a whole different place.

“Gives me that reset button to handle what comes ahead of me.”

Susan V.

“I had no intention of getting my heart and soul healed when I met Doctor Larry. In fact I simply wanted my back and neck pain fixed. After meeting Doctor Larry at a workshop during my lunch hour, I was immediately drawn to him, in a way I couldn’t explain……then. Although, uncertain of what to expect, based on our very brief discussion after the workshop, I met him for my first in-”office” consultation. I put office in quotations because his office is the anti-office. It’s more of a cozy, comfortable, peaceful retreat.

During that first meeting I realized Doctor Larry was not a traditional chiropractor. He explained to me that my physical pain couldn’t be fully healed without addressing the emotional and psychological pain I was carrying with me. Interesting… I have always been attracted to alternative health and wellness treatments, but not quite sure how he was going to help me heal my heart and mind.

My logical side was telling me to move on and seek a more traditional doctor, a less expensive doctor, one closer to home. However, my intuition was screaming at me to trust him and take a leap of faith, something I had never done before. So, I discussed with my husband, the overwhelming and incredible experience I just had. We discussed a financial plan (it’s funny how you can find the money for something that is worth it), and I followed my intuition and entrusted my health and well-being to Doctor Larry.

I responded incredibly quickly to Network Spinal Analysis, almost as if my body and soul had been waiting for this exact healing system. A year later I am still experiencing the benefits of NSA (along with Doctor Larry’s life coaching sessions) – I am in less pain, have enhanced mental acuity, deal with conflict in a much more positive way, and am very intentional in my words and actions. I am a better me!

You have to see it to believe it but you have to experience it to truly understand Network Wellness Care. The healing power that Doctor Larry brings into your life will forever change you!”

Maureen P.

“I first came to see Dr. Stern because I’d been suffering from a chronic cough for nearly two years.  My ENT Doc said that my vagus nerve had been “attacked by a virus.” Until I began my visits with Dr. Stern did I realize how much stress and unresolved issues in my life were contributing to this ongoing condition.

My healing sessions with Dr. Stern have helped me to see my life in such a clear light. I chose, over the years, not to speak up and communicate to others what I was really feeling inside in order to keep the peace. Unfortunately, the price for me was way too high.

Dr. Stern has shown me how to communicate in a calm, quiet, forthright way with my family and friends. When a confrontational situation arises, I now allow my voice be heard. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

After nearly every session I leave feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world. Dr. Stern has given me a place where I can just be me with no judgments so I can say whatever comes to mind. It is truly a freeing and nurturing environment and wish everyone I know could come and see Dr. Stern. He will definitely change your life!”

Fran R.

“People come into our lives just when they are supposed to, but Dr. Larry appeared as a beacon in mine.  We met as vendors at a health fair and discovered some synergy, but aside from his magnetic personality, something pushed me to visit his office to find out more about what he really did.

Mind you, I was already seeing a chiropractor as part of my wellness program. At 67 I had no physical issues of any kind and enjoyed great health. Coming from a family of all medical professionals, I really didn’t understand how Dr. Larry could transform the nervous system, but the remarkable testimonials his clients volunteered intrigued and attracted me.

After about 45 minutes of conversation and 15 minutes of observing him with patients, I felt a connection to this stranger that was so positive and powerful that I was not just willing but impatient to experience his healing techniques. While I was not sick, I was hurting. While I was not unhappy or upset, I was seeking resolution and relief. And Dr. Larry promised me results.

Months passed. I lay inert on the table, breathing, just breathing – but always hoping for and believing in a breakthrough. Why was I spending so much time and money doing this 3 times a week when I didn’t feel any different or anything happening? Why could I not wait to get there for a session, but then run for the door as soon as it was over? Why could I not identify changes within me?

How could I talk about things locked deep in my heart? I didn’t need a shrink. But I felt so cared for. I liked being in such a spiritual place. And I totally trusted Dr. Larry.

I tell so many people about this amazing, gifted man. More than a year has passed, and astoundingly I am the same person, but not at all the same. Needless to say, I am profoundly grateful for Dr. Larry’s humor, patience, and belief in me. I’ve had incredible experiences on the table. Originally I wanted to open my heart and find my purpose. Today I live and speak from my heart.

I know I was put on this earth to bring joy and to love people for being just who they are. This involves a lot reaching out and touching, more crying and laughing, and more being the real me, not who I “should” be. While I was always energetic, I now feel energy pulsating in me and radiating out of me. It feels soooooo good! I feel so light, free, and present. And people notice.

I’m not done yet. The beast within me cannot be tamed or sated. Poor Dr. Larry is stuck with a faithful and devoted client who is determined to discover how to be the very best she can be. With his help, that enormous job is underway.”


Carol W.

Stamford, CT

“I came to Dr. Larry with the intention of training my body to heal itself, instead of relying on forceful adjustments as I had in the past.  What I have actually accomplished has far exceeded any and all expectations that I had. 

Under Dr. Larry’s care, I have not only cared for my spine, but rid myself of the asthma that had plagued me since childhood and, most significantly, opened my heart to love and be loved. There is absolutely no safer place in the world to be vulnerable and cared for.  Dr. Larry is not simply a skillful chiropractor, but an incredibly generous and loving human being.”

Stephanie L.

“Blinding headaches and chronic neck and shoulder pain brought me into see Dr. Larry. It wasn’t until I started Network Care that I realized how detached I was from life on the emotional, mental, and physical levels.

Dr. Larry explained to me that my body was expressing thoughts, feelings and experiences that I hadn’t fully dealt with or adapted to. It was true, I had been going through the motions on a daily basis and was detached and resigned to a life that was just “okay.” I was far from fulfilling my wants, dreams, and aspirations.

Dr. Larry introduced me to Network Wellness Care in 2004 and with each Network Entrainment his healing hands and generous heart delivered rich, soulful healing to my body.

After a few months of care,  I became present, happy, and finally, at peace.  Most of all, the care provided a pathway to a life filled with limitless possibilities where resignation and cynicism once stood. I live my life passionately and wouldn’t be where I am today without Dr. Larry!”

Danny L.

In Network Care Since 2004

“Dr. Stern’s approach to wellness is both wholistic and highly focused.  The Network Spinal Analysis he practices delivers sensitive and individualized care to one’s nervous system as it presents itself through the spine.  He addresses all manner of symptoms gently. His nurturing “entrains” the patient, resulting in a body more attuned to itself and therefore more capable of healing.

My experience of Dr. Stern and his care has always been positive. Over the years his attention to my damaged spine has resulted in a dramatic reduction in pain, the elimination of flare-ups and re-injury and thereby an enhanced quality of life.”

Jon G.

“I came to Dr. Larry for Network Spinal Analysis Care, because I wanted to find a reason for living. I didn’t know how he could do it, but I needed to get my heart and soul healed.

I had been living with sciatic pain for 40  years. I didn’t know what caused it and I thought it was untreatable. Because I had adjusted my life and activities around my sciatica for years, I thought it was barely worth mentioning and I didn’t assume it was connected to any other problems. How wrong I was!

I was the mother of young children when the sciatic pain started. My doctor at the time said that there was nothing that could be done for sciatica, so I did my best to ignore it and carry on. However, I soon developed a “no touch” zone, extending from my sacrum down my left leg, that was intensely painful if anything pressed on it, bumped it, or touched it.

I limited the kind of exercise I did, the type of clothes I wore, and how I slept. At one point another doctor told me, “Whatever you do, don’t get chiropractic treatment for this.” After one unsuccessful attempt to treat it with acupuncture, I was still trying to ignore the pain when I started seeing Dr. Larry.

Dr. Larry helped me understand there were unspoken and unresolved “stories” behind the sciatica. When I was able to see the sciatic pain as a shield, protecting me from facing the emotional pain and losses in my life, I was able to acknowledge it and start releasing it. My body knew what I did not — it was easier for me to endure the physical pain than face the issues behind it.

Working through the pain (physical and emotional) has released the energy tied up in it.

Dr. Larry, I cannot thank you enough for your insights and your care. Eight months ago I would never have pictured myself the way I am today. The sciatic pain is almost gone, my heart and soul are on the mend, and I am reclaiming my long-suppressed voice. I begin and end each day with waves of energy and a feeling of joy.”

Gail C.

“When I first met Dr. Stern, I was in a crossroads in my life and in desperate need of a change.  He knew right away what I was going through and how he could help.  Mentally and physically my body was a wreck!  The construction industry has done a number on my back and it doesn’t do well with the force that most chiropractors use.

Since I started Network Care, Dr. Stern has guided me on a life altering journey that has made me a better husband, father and most importantly, a better person inside.

When you are happy from the inside it changes every perception you have of life and now I can really enjoy life. I can’t even begin to thank him for everything he has done for my family and I.  Thanks DS”

Eric N.

“I had never heard of Network Spinal Analysis, I was recommended to Dr. Stern from another Network Chiropractor that my cousin uses on Long Island.  I arrived at Dr. Stern’s office in terrible pain and felt my active lifestyle was over at the age of 72.  I was diagnosed by my medical doctor with a pinched nerve and the drugs he prescribed weren’t doing much.


I went from 6 days a week at the gym, to staying home in constant pain. Within a short time, from the first visit with Dr. Stern, I was back to being an active person, enjoying my life even more than before, with no pain.

My entire outlook has changed and I feel wonderful.  Dr. Stern is a wonderful sincere, caring person and my journey with him has been nothing short of dramatic and has changed my life. He is a master at what he does.”

Patricia P.

“I floated all the way home…the sun was shining…& I was..so relaxed..this was such a wonderful session..I don”t know what I would do,… without you!!!…


Thank you for being part of of my life!!….because of you..,I feel and look great!…My family  & friends see such  a difference…thanks again……My wonderful Magic Dr. Stern ..”

Cara B.

“When my brother Chris got sick I started feeling different about everything.  My friends told me that they did not like how I was acting because I took everything the wrong way.   I didn’t think anything could make me feel better about what happened to my brother.


But one day my mom took me and Chris to Dr. Larry’s office.  I still didn’t think anything would help on the first try but my mom brought me back again.  After a few times, I started to see a big difference in how I felt about things.  My friends said that they saw a big difference in how I acted about things too.

I love it here and have met so many great people here!  It makes me feel so happy to be here and it makes me so calm.

I love it here!”


Olivia, age 11

“Today, I did yoga! It was the first time at a yoga class in almost 18 months. I was both afraid and excited to go back. I was not sure if it would be good for me or if it would cause me back pain. At the end of the 75-minute class, in which I needed to modify the yoga poses pretty often, I was both upset, that I had to lost my ability to do so many yoga poses that I previously could do, and overjoyed that I was there doing yoga at all.  I was literally crying during the final pose and overwhelmed with emotion when the class ended.

I thought that today would be a good day to write my testimonial of thanks to Dr. Larry Stern.  He’s a big part of why I was back at yoga today.  Every Saturday morning for the past six months I’ve been experiencing incredible healing at his office (both his old office and new office).

I have been a patient of Dr. Larry’s since the fall of 2005, when two disks in my lower back inexplicably ruptured, causing excruciating pain as well as my left leg to go numb. I had a foot drop and couldn’t walk without a serious limp.  I had back surgery within two weeks of the rupture, as two orthopedists, two chiropractors, and two neurosurgeons reviewed the MRIs and saw pieces of the ruptured disk had broken off and were in my spinal column and needed to be removed. The injury, the surgery and the recovery were all horrible!

For seven years after this, I would have some good days and some bad days.  The recovery was really hard for me and many times I felt that I would never fully recover. I did physical therapy for months. I saw Dr. Larry regularly  (about once or twice per month). I tried many different therapies (NUCCA, Acupuncture, Decompression, Massage, Meditation).  I tried almost everything I could come up with to improve my ability to function & to decrease my level of pain.  After about three years, I was fairly stable and able to function pretty well. From 2008 – 2012, I was always careful about what I did and how I did it, but I did slowly resume exercising, yoga, bike riding, and other activities.  I was basically okay, though there were times that would inexplicably set me back and I’d spend a day or two in bed to recover, ever fearful that something terrible could happen again.

In December 2012, the same two disks herniated again!  The pain and suffering in December & January rivaled the original injury. I barely left my bed for weeks. I was on pain killers, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory steroids. Dr. Larry made a house-call. The orthopedist recommended another surgery but this time, I refused to have another surgery, although I did not know if I could get better without surgery.  When I could get out of bed again, I did more physical therapy. I tried more new therapies (MELT and Feldenkrais and kinesiology).  Over time, I improved but was not great.  I kept at it. I saw Dr. Larry regularly (about once or twice per month).

In September, 2013, at one of my appointments with Dr. Larry, I had a breakthrough “Wave”.   There’s no explanation why it took my body 8 years to have this breakthrough, but it was phenomenal for me.  After that,  I started seeing Dr. Larry twice per week for the next four months, and since December 2013, it’s been once per week.  Sometimes I have quiet sessions, without feeling much in the wave. Sometimes, it’s not quiet at all and my body is releasing tension that’s been stored for decades.  I really can’t find the right words to describe a wave – but it’s like my body is healing itself through movement, breath, and energy that I’m not aware even exists. It can be very emotional for me.  It’s very challenging to describe.

I have mostly good days now.  I can usually function without much pain anymore.  I try not to sit too much, as sitting for long periods remains an issue for me.  I walk 2-3 miles almost every day.  I look forward to going to another yoga class and carefully regaining my previous abilities. I’m looking forward to riding my bicycle again as the weather improves!  I am slowly losing my fear that my disks will herniate again.

I thank Dr. Larry for helping me reach this level!  Dr. Larry is truly the most caring and compassionate doctor that I’ve ever met!!”


Marilyn L.

“Awhile ago, I was alarmed when my daughter, Amelia started crying every day because her back and neck hurt her.  She would tell me that throughout the day she had to twist and turn to crack her back and neck.   I thought that an 8 year old child should not be going through this pain.

I found Dr. Larry Stern though a dear friend of mine.  I made an appointment to see him.  Immediately I liked him.  Amelia liked him right away too.  He was so friendly and clearly his connection to children was very natural.  He put Amelia on his table and worked his magic.  He worked her body without even touching her.  I had never seen anything like Network Spinal Analysis.

I saw her body let go and relax. It was obvious that something was happening.  He also did a few small adjustments.  Amelia had no fear because Dr. Stern communicated a sense of calm and lightness.

In one session, Amelia’s pain started to back off.  She no longer cries with pain. We continue with treatments to keep the energy flowing. When we come and visit now, Amelia and her sister, Sofia run in and jump on his table.  They love coming to his office for care.  I love it too.

I know that when we come in for our session, we all will leave feeling lined up and energized.

Dr. Larry (that is what we call him) is one of a kind.  I have gone to many body work specialists and I have never met a man like him.  He truly cares and is brilliant at what he does.”


Ricka B.

“All roads lead to Dr. Larry!


It seemed inevitable that my search for healing would ultimately lead me to Dr. Larry. I had seen information about him in several local publications which described his alternative approach to chiropractic care.  This caught my interest especially as it pertained to help with migraine headaches – which I have suffered from for years!

Ironically, I received an invitation from FaceLogic Spa in Mt. Kisco, announcing that they were sponsoring a special event with Dr. Larry and Myra Oney, the holistic health and nutrition coach that works with him. I thought this would be a good opportunity to finally check out his approach and see if it could help with my headaches. I talked with both of them, describing my ailments and what I hoped to achieve. They did some testing which revealed some nutritional deficits that needed to be addressed. They were both friendly and informative. Since I was still a little skeptical, I was not ready to start treatment right away but I left intrigued and curious.

After a few weeks, I spoke to Myra and decided to pursue the complimentary consultation.  I wanted to find out more about Network Spinal Analysis Care and how it worked. I met them at his office in Cross River, which felt wonderfully peaceful and tranquil.  He asked me a lot of questions, spending time with me to really understand what was going on and why certain ailments were manifesting in different ways.

Then he asked me to lie on the table.  I felt a little nervous, not knowing what to expect, but I soon became very comfortable and relaxed. His gentle touch on my back and raising my feet (to check the alignment of my spine) made my breath deepen.  I felt as if I was getting so much more air into my lungs than I ever had before. I had never breathed as deeply as this – not even in yoga classes! With each visit, I could feel my Network respiratory wave building.

After my last session, I mentioned to Dr. Larry that I had read his blog about The Millenium Generation on his website: www.LawrenceSternDC.com. I related to what he was saying about college students being so stressed out nowadays. I proceeded to tell him about my son, who was going through a very stressful time at college and suffering from anxiety and insomnia. He was in the midst of finals, contemplating changing his major, had just ended a relationship with his girlfriend, and was having difficulties with a friend who he was planning to room with next semester. Needless to say, he was going through a lot.

Dr. Larry immediately said he could help my son and even offered to come in the next day, Saturday, a day he was not scheduled to work since he was already involved in organizing The Town of Lewisboro Community Wellness Day. He was so accommodating because I had told him that my son was leaving that Monday and was going to be out of the country for three weeks.

They spoke for quite a while and Dr. Larry was very calm, cool and collected – or very “chill” as my son referred to him. This enabled my son to be able to completely confide in him and revealed everything he was going through.

Dr. Larry then worked with him on the table and began his magic! My son was able to release all the pent up emotions that he was holding inside.  He was able to free himself of the pain he was suffering from and move on – what a blessing!

Dr. Larry provided a safe and secure environment for my son to let go of all his negative feelings, and he left the office feeling much better! I am grateful to Dr. Larry, and am happy to say that my son is having a great time in Europe and is looking forward to his next semester at college. Thank you Dr. Larry!”

Elaine P.

“The first thing I have to say is that Dr Stern is an unbelievable listener. He is 100% there, listening to you and also hearing what your whole being has to say. He takes your history, and then he let’s your body tell him the whole story.

That first visit I hobbled into SWC with a cane, so uncomfortable in my body that driving there was exhausting. My life was planned around avoiding pain and meting out the little energy I had because of it. I couldn’t do a fraction of the things I wanted to do. Every relationship in my life was suffering. I was completely overwhelmed with all the issues I had going on – a spinal fracture and rod in my back, sciatica, scoliosis, arthritis and stenosis. It was serious digestive issues, hypothyroidism and the hell of menopause that pushed me over the edge. I just couldn’t cope.

I’ve had physical therapy, trigger-point therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic from some great healers over the years. I’ve seen a psychologist and even tried meds (a waste of time) to deal with the pain and the depression that accompanies it. Even with the hard work I did I was still struggling.

From the first session with Dr Stern it was clear that healing might not look like what I expected. I came home and told my husband, ”I don’t know what this guy did. Honestly, I hardly felt anything, but I feel straighter and I feel…a little better. Is it my imagination?”

No, it wasn’t my imagination. I was getting stronger and more flexible along with a lot of other things I didn’t anticipate.

I had told Dr Stern that first day that walking without a cane was a goal, thinking it was probably unreachable with many incremental steps before it. Well, within months of starting work with him I’m walking without a cane and so much more. It’s as if my body was waiting for this. My days are active and I’m able to set goals and accomplish them. And this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see how far I can go!

I’m not that vulnerable person I was when I met Dr Stern. I’m reclaiming my life.  Dr Stern’s care and more important his steady encouragement has given me more than I can easily explain. Relationships are stronger, days are fuller and happier, but most important I anticipate the future with optimism. Dr. Stern is one of the most caring and loving people you’ll ever hope to meet: a true Healer and a truly generous soul – a gift for all who get to work with him.”

Susan D.

“Baby Emily was diagnosed with infant acquired torticollis (wry neck). Torticollis is a fixed or dynamic tilt, rotation, or flexion of the head and/or neck. Infants often develop torticollis as a result of the amount of time they spend lying on their back during the day in car seats, swings, bouncers, strollers, and on play mats. Acquired and/or congenital torticollis can also occur from more serious brain and spinal cord abnormalities, so a careful evaluation is essential and may include cervical spine x-rays and/or a CT scan.


Initially, Colleen took her baby to the family pediatrician for this condition and their MD recommended the care of a physical therapist. She brought Emily in for a series of physical therapy sessions but the treatments had little to no success on the baby’s symptoms. Baby Emily continued to be in major pain and discomfort as she cried all day long.

In despair and not knowing what to do, Colleen turned to her friends for comfort and guidance. As fate would have it, Colleen had a mutual friend whose son, Joseph, had a similar condition (congenital torticollis) and success with Dr. Larry.

Colleen’s friend brought her son to see Dr. Stern a few years earlier. Like Emily, Joseph cried uncontrollably for 5 months straight due to the pain he was experiencing. His first visit was on a Saturday, two days before corrective surgery. Dr. Stern knew immediately what the cause was and asked that the corrective surgery be postponed. Joseph’s positive results and the avoidance of unnecessary surgery gave Colleen hope. At this point, although quite concerned and somewhat afraid, she was willing to give it a try.

With Dr. Stern’s experience and guidance, utilizing the gentle healing approach of Network Spinal Analysis, over night, Emily’s pain and symptoms began to abate. She was able to move her head freely for the first time since birth. Before seeing Dr. Stern, Emily woke up several times a night screaming and writhing in pain. After seeing “Dr. Larry,” she woke up like any normal baby, wanting to be fed.

“Dr. Larry was loving and caring to Emily! He took the crying baby from my hands and began “entraining” Emily immediately. With his gentle touch and the soothing music playing in the background, within minutes, the crying stopped and Emily started to relax and began playing with Dr. Larry.”

“Since Emily’s very first visit, she continues to be more calm and comfortable, her head more mobile and in noticeably less pain. We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Larry and now I bring my other family members in for care. I am also much calmer, less anxious, relieved and happier.”

“Happy baby makes happy mommy!””



From barely living to life transformed

“Before I started Network Spinal Analysis care I felt that my life was nothing more than a series of obligations and that I was trapped in an unchanging and unchangeable situation. I had a sense that my life would soon be over, and I was okay with that. Fortunately, my friend was not okay with that and talked to me about her experience with Network care. I came to trust that, if she could find her purpose under Dr. Larry’s care, perhaps I could find a reason for living. I’ve found that and much more. I have had a profound physical, mental and spiritual experience beyond anything I ever expected or imagined.

On my first visit to Dr. Stern, the overwhelming positive energy in the space left me almost speechless. A few minutes into my first session I not only felt intensely alive but I also felt a vibration throughout my body. That vibration soon extended into the rest of my life, giving me a feeling of connection with everyone and everything. Since then I have reached a place of peace and joy I didn’t know existed.

I’ve learned that in order to be in charge of my own life, I have to show up, and I do. I’ve learned that in order to love and be loved, I have to let go of fear and open myself up to other people, and I have. I’ve learned that I needed to experience everything that has happened throughout my life (good and bad) in order to arrive at this point, and I have let go of the past. I cannot help but express the joy that I feel. As a result, the atmosphere in my home has shifted and all of my relationships have improved. Also, a longstanding collection of physical symptoms (neck, lower back, foot and sciatic pain) are getting better. Others (high blood pressure and gall bladder pain) have disappeared.

With each session I continue to heal and to intensify my contact with universal energy. I am continually amazed by how good I feel. I wake up each day to a feeling of joy and waves of energy, and I feel like something (else) wonderful is about to happen. Thank you, Dr. Larry, for the insights and the laughter, for opening my heart, and for enabling me to connect with the life force within and with the Spirit beyond. Your gift for healing and your loving, generous spirit have transformed my life… and the journey has just begun.”


Gayle D.

“I have been seeing Dr. Stern for roughly a year.  I was referred to him by one of his patients.  I came to him for chronic back issues and had multiple surgeries over the past four years.  This patient had told me that she had a profound experience with Dr. Stern unlike anything she had experienced before with other traditional chiropractic modalities.  Her relief from pain was significant.  I knew I needed to see what he was all about.

As I began to work with him I realized there were hidden treasures available to me as long as I was willing to be open and keep showing up. See, I have been living out a major life crisis for the past four years:  experiencing corporate downsizing multiple times, physical limitation, chronic pain, as well as questioning my purpose, commitment and love or lack thereof for myself.

As I worked with Dr. Larry I began to realize that he created a safe, loving and non-judgmental environment for his patients.  He encouraged me to come, let go, be present and seek out the silence.  I had a lot of tension in my spine especially at the sacral region full of life’s questions, challenges, pain, anger and weariness.  He helped create a setting where I could come to feel safe, trust the process and accept that whatever feelings I brought were okay.

Over this year, Doc and I have had numerous coaching conversations about my life, resistance to stepping into my life, continuing to play out the story from my childhood.  He consistently created a space where I could be exactly where I was.  There never was any judgment, question or pressure from him to be anywhere other than where I was.

Doc has a tremendous capacity to give, love, be present, and accept people for all their foibles and questions.  He values me and I don’t think I have ever met someone who has the level of commitment he demonstrates on a daily basis.

I have made a lot of progress working with him.  I still deal with pain, however, have the ability to seek out the stillness and quiet within my own soul.  My prayer life and meditation has increased, and I am on the verge of life change, letting go of the little boy voice whose been running the show for so long.

Dr. Larry is an amazing human being with a heart and commitment to help people the size of Texas.  I hope you have the pleasure of walking part of your life journey with him.


God bless him”

Michael K.

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