Over a lifetime, we are shaped by traumatic life events into mostly unconscious imbalances and unhealthy body postures. Our spines curve and distort, manifesting as backaches, stiff necks, headaches, restricted movement, or emotional discomfort such as anxiety, depression, grief and anger. We experience shallow and limited breathing, using only a portion of our lungs’ true capacity.  These conditions or "holding patterns" can become fixed and worsen over time. 

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), Dr. Stern’s core healing approach, unlocks patterns of stored stress and tension, by “resetting” the nervous system and liberating bound energy that allows for greater brain/body connection. Through gentle and precise contacts to the spine, two unique healing waves develop, providing greater levels of nervous system organization.  Patients often experience a positive and sustainable shift in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual quality of their lives.


Integrating NSA with the consciousness awakening power of The Hakomi Method and Awaken Wellness Coaching, Dr. Stern helps patients create an ever-deepening connection to their bodies. This leads to an increasingly healthy and fully alive state with a greater capacity to express ourselves and our essential passion, strength, power, purpose and love.


​Our bodies have a natural, wavelike breathing rhythm that can be renewed, restored and reconnected through Network Care.  Dr. Stern’s integrative approach greatly enhances the body’s natural healing capacities.   


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