November 16, 2019

When someone refers to someone else as having a “strong constitution,” they usually mean that the person is of strong mind and body.  They see that person as having a grounded, centeredness about them – a hardy, stable core and foundation, from which all else stems.

 A hardy stable core and foundation comes from a healthy, vital and balanced nervous system.  All that we are, respond to, communicate...

August 26, 2019

An Integration of Network Care with gentle, safe chiropractic methods provides a level of well-being not experienced by many. Give yourself the gift of healing by calling us 914-218-6424

Network Spinal Analysis (Network Care/Network Chiropractic) helps patients raise their baseline function, behavior and energetic expression to create and sustain optimal health. 

Now that's a mouthful and it's an accurate description of what we provide.  When working with a person as an integrated whole, the results often go far beyond what’s expected.  

The focus of Chiropractic is...

As life comes at us full on, we process that information as energy vibrating through our many bodily senses.  The traditional senses being sight, hearing, taste smell and touch. But there's more....there's balance and acceleration, temperature, proprioception, pain and other internal senses.   

So what happens when we experience a trauma or life eve...

October 24, 2018

It's the classic example of taking too much on and not getting the support you need. 

Susan hobbled into my office a month ago with intense lower back spasms and nerve pain that traveled down her left leg into her heel and big toe.  Just her facial expressions alone were enough to grasp the enormity of her condition.  The deep aches and pains that would periodically shoot down her leg were a s...

September 9, 2018

Chronic activation of this survival mechanism impairs health

The Harvard Health Published an article below describing and detailing chronic stress response and what the long term implications are on our health.

Network Care addresses the fight or flight mechanism in the most natural, gentle and intuitive way.  Following...