The 4-Visit Workup

Welcome to The 4-Visit Workup! This new patient process allows for a thorough assessment of the health, balance and efficiency of the spine and nervous system.   Included in this workup are 3 healing sessions called Network Entrainments/Spinal Adjustments. Response to care and detailed diagnostic results over these 4 visits provides the information necessary to create the healing/wellness plan that’s specific to our patients’ wants and needs.


First Visit

During Visit One, patients will receive unprecedented insights into their health thanks to leading edge diagnostic tools and expert analysis. A fundamental part of Visit One is reviewing a detailed Comprehensive Health Profile. This is accomplished by filling out the Patient Intake Form from the New Patient Center Tab on our website. 
During the initial consultation, primary health concerns and the relationship between these issues and the health of the spine and nervous system are discussed.   

Following this consultation, patients will be given a full spine and nervous system evaluation, specifically evaluating for defense posture and stress physiology, which are detriments to our health and well-being.

The Computerized Nervous System COREscore™ Evaluation includes 3 non-invasive scans called the Surface EMG, Rolling Thermal Scan and Heart Rate Variability, giving us Insight as to what may be at the source of your health challenges. 

After this thorough evaluation and physical exam, patients will receive the first of three Network Entrainments/Spinal Adjustments. The first visit takes approximately one hour and thirty minutes.


Second Visit

During Visit Two, Dr. Stern will explain Chiropractic Care, Network Spinal Analysis, and how this approach improves the functioning of our nervous system and overall state of health.

Following the consultation, the patient will receive a Digital Orthotic & Body View Exam. The 3D imaging technology examines how arches have fallen and how each foot differs from the other, potentially creating an imbalance that resonates up the entire kinetic chain. 

After this evaluation, patients will receive the second of three Network Entrainments / Spinal Adjustments. The second visit takes at least one hour.


Third Visit

During Visit Three, the vital role that nutrition plays in overall vitality will be examined with the results of the ZYTO Select 5.0 Nutritional Scan. ZYTO technology reveals biological preferences when it comes to foods, medicine, nutritional supplements and other beneficial treatments.

After this evaluation, patients receive the third of three Network Entrainments/Spinal Adjustments. The third visit takes at least an hour.


Fourth Visit

During Visit Four, a recommended health and wellness care plan and a proposed schedule including cost estimates will be provided. 

Patients will receive a Report of Clinical Findings, a document that outlines the goals of care, including addressing structural and nutritional imbalances, correcting spinal cord distortions, uncovering and removing hidden physical and emotional trauma blockages,  and providing a comprehensive healing plan.

A patient’s care plan is determined by his/her individual needs, response to the previous three adjustments/entrainments, results of the COREscore, 3D Body View, and ZYTO Scan, and the  goals identified for treatment outcomes. Patients will receive comprehensive healing plan that addresses all aspects of oneself – mind, body and heart.

Please plan on spending at least an hour for the fourth visit.