Group Entrainment

Network Reorganizational Healing modalities, including Network Spinal Analysis care and Somato Respiratory Integration exercises, have been applied in a group setting for over two decades in offices around the world. Hundreds of thousands of clients have received care in this manner reporting successful outcomes. The group setting for understanding of care, answering of questions, the sharing of answers, the healing and wellness experience and the enhancement of the energetic and informational field between individuals is a significant asset and benefit that can often exceed what is available during a private individual session.


Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice (ARHP)

Entrainments are typically done in a group setting to facilitate and enhance each individual’s healing practice together. The energy field created in the room assists in the personal reorganizational healing journey of each patient.  A good analogy regarding group energy can be made by observing flocks of birds flying in a “V” formation. Flying this way creates a “slip stream” effect which lowers air resistance and makes it easier for the group of birds to fly long distances, because they don’t have to expend as much energy as if they were flying solo.


Similarly, a group that is receiving entrainments in the same room illustrates this  "plus factor" principle. This practice empowers people to entrain with each other's healing rhythms, like birds flocking in formation, making healing easier and more graceful than could be achieved alone. When one person is healing, it becomes easy to share that healing with everyone in the group. Additional benefits to the  community group care option include: enhanced well-being, education, safety, quality of life, and a sense of belonging in community.


Dr. Stern is always respectful of a patient's right to privacy. Therefore, there is always the option of receiving one-on-one care for anyone who requests to have a private session on a particular day.