Network Spinal Analysis is our Core Clinical System.

Network Spinal Analysis inspires us to trust the healing power within.

 Deepak Chopra 

Physician, Speaker and Writer 

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA – formerly known as Network Chiropractic) helps people “break the cycle” of chronic pain, tension, overwhelm, exhaustion, and stress, so they can fully express their vitality, passion, and clarity.

By creating novel, embodied strategies for new levels of health and personal growth, studies demonstrate that NSA care can help people with conditions ranging from back pain, ADHD, and infertility to PTSD, anxiety/depression and substance abuse.

It can also predictably enhance and optimize physical health, emotional/mental well-being and life enjoyment across the board. People engaged in Network Care tend to make healthy lifestyle changes more easily and spontaneously.

Reboot Your Brain and Spine


An evidence-based approach to wellness and body awareness, NSA care was developed by Dr. Donald “Donny” Epstein, DC, in the early 1980’s. From working with thousands of patients over the years, he found that specific tension patterns occur when the spinal cord and spinal nerves are overstretched or damaged from the accumulation of physical, emotional, mental, and chemical stress.

When the overstretching occurs, the spinal cord and associated nerves lose the ability to properly coordinate the brain and body, and they redistribute tension and vibration in different patterns throughout the body’s 75-100 trillion cells. This embodied stress, or “defense physiology” profoundly affects every aspect of our body/mind; proper function, emotion, identity, behaviors, and conscious awareness.

Network Spinal Entrainment

In an NSA session, Dr. Stern will:

  • Discern how the body, spine, and nerve system are “wearing” physical, mental, and chemical stress as tension patterns or “Phases” of adverse mechanical spinal cord tension.

  • Access specific areas of the spine (Spinal Gateways) that, with precise contacts, will reset negative neurological habit patterns, reboot the brain, and help resolve the tension from within.

  • Cultivate awareness of wave-like movements as the body learns how to release body and life tension that will discharge, reset and reorganize the nervous system for deeper healing and enhanced wellness.

When working with a person as an integrated whole, the results go far beyond what’s expected. This process, called a Network Entrainment, requires no twisting, popping, or cracking to create powerful results.

People receiving NSA care are able to decrease pain more quickly and easily, adapt to change more enjoyably, and develop greater awareness of the relationships between their body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

To view results of a comprehensive study of over 2,800 patients, conducted at UC Irvine, College of Medicine, click link below:

Network Care is Associated with Profound Improvements in Health and Wellness

What is a typical NSA session like?


NSA sessions are called entrainments.  Entrainment is a term that means to get “in sync” with, and during the entrainment sessions a wave-like deepening of the  breath and a subtle rocking of the spine  synchronizes to help the tension in your body release.

During an NSA entrainment, patients remain  fully clothed and  lay face-down on a table while Dr. Stern evaluates for spinal cord tension patterns,  assessing spine, muscles, posture imbalances and breathing patterns. He uses gentle, precise contacts on specific spinal gateways along the spine to help develop the tension-releasing Network Wave. A typical entrainment visit lasts about 20-40 minutes and leaves one feeling more relaxed, energized and at peace.

Actual NSA session (group entrainment) with Dr. Stern.