August 18, 2018

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A Billion Mile Clench

November 13, 2017

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Network Care Hits the Right Chord

August 17, 2018




Lori came in to see me for care as a result of a significant spinal related injury that she sustained over 5 years ago.  She had received care from a number of alternative and traditional practitioners since then and achieved temporary relief at best. 


In the process of trying to heal herself, Lori began to experience anxiety that accompanied her physical complaints.  She was unable to sleep, anxious during the day, her emotions turned dark and began to experience hair loss.  All this pain and emotional fallout was having its impact on her husband and family as well.  


When she arrived to our office on Day One, she was in a desperate search to get better, yet, underneath it all, was a deep seeded fear that she was permanently damaged and nothing or no one could help her.  


After a thorough analysis of her nervous system, it was clear that Lori's spinal cord was under heightened tension not letting her body settle down.  We agreed upon a course of care designed to reset and reorganize her nervous system.


What happens next in Level One of Network Care is best demonstrated by the video below.  A gentle touch on the spine cues the higher centers of the brain to "unload" the tension that has been stored in the nervous system.  



"There are these incredible moments of transformation while rendering Network Care that one lets go of the past, surrenders to the present moment, and a new future of one's own design emerges. Like waves crashing on the beach and welcoming the new day, Network Care awakens you to a new level of sustained wellness!!"


Network Spinal Analysis is the key to healing a nervous system locked in fight or flight. Whether you are suffering from chronic back problems, mental and emotional stresses, anxiety, or any combination thereof, Network Care's gentle and intuitive approach will set the tone that reorganizes your life!









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