August 18, 2018

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November 13, 2017

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Migraines Gone....

August 18, 2018



For about the last four or five years, starting at age 45, I experienced migraines on a regular basis, mostly on the weekends—when I had time off from my stressful job. I tried Peppermint essential oils, sleeping in a dark room, ice packs on my head and neck, etc. When the pain became too much and I became nauseous and sometimes vomited, I took Immitrex for the pain.


Over time, I didn’t want to continue taking Immitrex and become dependent on it. Perhaps the migraines were influenced by different types of stress (emotional, mental, physical), as well as, other forms of toxicity. I was lost and somewhat confused as to where to find the answers to my chronic migraines.


My yoga teacher introduced me to Dr. Lawrence Stern since she knew of my ongoing migraine headaches.


“Dr. Larry” and I started out slowly on my care with the more traditional chiropractic approach that I was used to. He deftly combined manual chiropractic techniques with various soft tissue methods. I felt that those sessions, in addition to watching my diet (less processed foods and more vegetables) and a nutritional cleansing program helped in reducing that first layer of stress. Although I felt better, my life was still on hold as my migraines continued to interfere with work and personal relationships.


Following a recommendation by Dr. Larry, we moved from the more traditional chiropractic adjusting approach to the advanced healing work of Network Spinal Analysis.


Dr. Larry has his advanced certification in Network Spinal Analysis. About 20% of the Network Practitioners are certified at this level (approximately 200 in the United States).


We began NSA care in January. It was well worth it. By May and after receiving Network Entrainments approximately twice per week, I was fully migraine free. Now I go back every so often for my wellness visits.


Along with a migraine free life, the impact of NSA has shown up in other areas as well. I’m more productive, communicative, have re-established old relationships and am currently establishing new ones as we speak.


Network Spinal Analysis is a must for those who suffer with chronic migraines. I have found that one must first experience this amazing healing work in order to fully understand its healing potential and lifelong benefits.


Dr. Larry's gorgeous, comfortable, peaceful space and Dr. Larry himself, make the experience fun and soothing.


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