August 18, 2018

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A Billion Mile Clench

November 13, 2017

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Just Put It On the Back Burner! Healing Your Spine With Network Spinal Care

October 24, 2018


It's the classic example of taking too much on and not getting the support you need. 


Susan hobbled into my office a month ago with intense lower back spasms and nerve pain that traveled down her left leg into her heel and big toe.  Just her facial expressions alone were enough to grasp the enormity of her condition.  The deep aches and pains that would periodically shoot down her leg were a spasmodic reminder that both her life and her body were out of balance.  


With Network Spinal Care and Awaken Wellness Coaching, we not only addressed Susan's physical complaints, but identified the habit patterns, choices and actions that led to her sizable breakdown.


The lifetime burdens that Susan shouldered, the numerous upsets that she endured having to put on the back burner in order to manage the moments, found their home in her spine and nervous system. 


With a trainer who seemingly identified Susan's lower back complaints as a "core strength" issue, she embarked upon a group strengthening program.  In a matter of weeks, all the burdens and imbalances were too much to handle and her body broke down.


For many of us, our physical complaints are so often a compilation of the emotional, mental and physical stresses and traumas that we've experienced and internalized along the way. 


As a practitioner of Network Spinal Care and The Hakomi Method, we are specially trained in addressing the complexities of our physical bodies in pain and in breakdown.  Quite often, healing the physical condition requires the heart mending, expressing oneself or something so simple as being heard.  How we "somaticize" life's traumas and events can show up in all sorts of ways.


In less than 4 weeks, Susan is 80% better.  Her low back and leg pains are all but gone.  We continue work on regaining balance in her spine, nervous system and her life! 











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