August 18, 2018

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A Billion Mile Clench

November 13, 2017

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The Spine is the Back of Our Mind




As life comes at us full on, we process that information as energy vibrating through our many bodily senses.  The traditional senses being sight, hearing, taste smell and touch. But there's more....there's balance and acceleration, temperature, proprioception, pain and other internal senses.   


So what happens when we experience a trauma or life event that overwhelms our system?  What if we're just too young to adequately process that particular experience?  Perhaps, we're in a heated debate with another and rather than speak our truth, we internalize the upset and walk away harboring all that energy.  Or the political climate is just so polarizing that we live in a perpetual state of high anxiety?


Where does that unwanted and undigested energy go?  How has the vibrational tone and tension of our nervous system changed?  How has the shape and contour of our spine altered over time?  This is how life stressors change us, by creating discourse in the cells of our nervous system.  And since our nervous system is the master controller of bodily function, suffice to say, that the impact can have broad implications regarding our health and well-being.


As a Network Spinal Analysis Practitioner and Wellness Chiropractor, addressing the underlying cause of one's ill health is my singular focus.  So if it's the choices you're making in life that adds insult to injury, we change it.  If it's old traumas that continue to plague you, then we either work it out on my chiropractic table and/or in our coaching sessions.  If life is out of balance, then I support you in restoring balance in body, mind and life. 


 The ultimate goal is "SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS!"  

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