Both the title, The Back Whisperer, and the drawing itself were patient-inspired . . . 

I remember asking a new patient on her initial consultation who referred her to our office.  She gave me her friend's name and proceeded to say, “My friend tells me that you’re The Back Whisperer!”  I was so moved in that moment that someone would think of me in that way.


Lawrence G. Stern, D.C.  

Courtney B

Armonk, NY

Migraines Gone...


For about the last four or five years, starting at age 45, I experienced migraines on a regular basis, mostly on the weekends—when I had time off from my stressful job. I tried Peppermint essential oils, sleeping in a dark room, ice packs on my head and neck, etc. When the pain became too much and I became nauseous and sometimes vomited, I took Immitrex for the pain.


Over time, I didn’t want to continue taking Immitrex and become dependent on it. Perhaps the migraines were influenced by different types of stress (emotional, mental, physical), as well as, other forms of toxicity. I was lost and somewhat confused as to where to find the answers to my chronic migraines.


My yoga teacher introduced me to Dr. Lawrence Stern since she knew of my ongoing migraine headaches.


“Dr. Larry” and I started out slowly on my care with the more traditional chiropractic approach that I was used to. He deftly combined manual chiropractic techniques with various soft tissue methods. I felt that those sessions, in addition to watching my diet (less processed foods and more vegetables) and a nutritional cleansing program helped in reducing that first layer of stress. Although I felt better, my life was still on hold as my migraines continued to interfere with work and personal relationships.


Following a recommendation by Dr. Larry, we moved from the more traditional chiropractic adjusting approach to the advanced healing work of Network Spinal Analysis.


Dr. Larry has his advanced certification in Network Spinal Analysis. About 20% of the Network Practitioners are certified at this level (approximately 200 in the United States).


We began NSA care in January. It was well worth it. By May and after receiving Network Entrainments approximately twice per week, I was fully migraine free. Now I go back every so often for my wellness visits.


Along with a migraine free life, the impact of NSA has shown up in other areas as well. I’m more productive, communicative, have re-established old relationships and am currently establishing new ones as we speak.


Network Spinal Analysis is a must for those who suffer with chronic migraines. I have found that one must first experience this amazing healing work in order to fully understand its healing potential and lifelong benefits.


Dr. Larry's gorgeous, comfortable, peaceful space and Dr. Larry himself, make the experience fun and soothing.

Steve P.

Bellingham, WA

It is difficult to fully express what happens in the healing spaces of Dr. Stern, but it is easy to say how well cared for I feel when I’m there, and how much I trust this process he has mastered.


It’s as if all the fragmented regions of my body and psyche are somehow settling into a sweet spot of convergence. And at some point I notice that a long soft wave of breathing has arrived, and that I have arrived in a body that’s whole. 


And then I realize that all the little ways my body had organically responded to Dr. Stern’s subtle healing moves were the obstacles to this wholeness disappearing, like actors gracefully bowing out. With each visit I sense my body learning – remembering anew – this sense wholeness and connection with life.  
A line from Rumi seems to say it just as well: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  Or even better: “What you seek is seeking you.”

Melissa K.

Watchung, NJ

I have been under Dr. Stern’s care for more than 10 years. His mastery for healing is unparalleled. His ability to connect the physical with the emotional & spiritual is truly amazing. His approach addresses long term relief & healing as opposed to a quick fix that would most certainly reappear & become chronic.


My own journey has taken me 70 miles away from the area & to a different state, yet I still travel back to see Dr. Stern for healing maintenance & his trusted guidance

Olivia (Age 11)

When my brother Chris got sick I started feeling different about everything. My friends told me that they did not like how I was acting because I took everything the wrong way. I didn’t think anything could make me feel better about what happened to my brother.


But one day my mom took me and Chris to Dr. Larry’s office. I still didn’t think anything would help on the first try but my mom brought me back again. After a few times, I started to see a big difference in how I felt about things. My friends said that they saw a big difference in how I acted about things too.

I love it here and have met so many great people here! It makes me feel so happy to be here and it makes me so calm.

I love it here!

Maureen P.

Carmel, NY

I had no intention of getting my heart and soul healed when I met Doctor Larry. In fact I simply wanted my back and neck pain fixed. After meeting Doctor Larry at a workshop during my lunch hour, I was immediately drawn to him, in a way I couldn’t explain . . . . . then. Although, uncertain of what to expect, based on our very brief discussion after the workshop, I met him for my first in-”office” consultation. I put office in quotations because his office is the anti-office. It’s more of a cozy, comfortable, peaceful retreat.

During that first meeting I realized Doctor Larry was not a traditional chiropractor. He explained to me that my physical pain couldn’t be fully healed without addressing the emotional and psychological pain I was carrying with me. Interesting… I have always been attracted to alternative health and wellness treatments, but not quite sure how he was going to help me heal my heart and mind.

My logical side was telling me to move on and seek a more traditional doctor, a less expensive doctor, one closer to home. However, my intuition was screaming at me to trust him and take a leap of faith, something I had never done before. So, I discussed with my husband, the overwhelming and incredible experience I just had. We discussed a financial plan (it’s funny how you can find the money for something that is worth it), and I followed my intuition and entrusted my health and well-being to Doctor Larry.

I responded incredibly quickly to Network Spinal Analysis, almost as if my body and soul had been waiting for this exact healing system. A year later I am still experiencing the benefits of NSA (along with Doctor Larry’s life coaching sessions) – I am in less pain, have enhanced mental acuity, deal with conflict in a much more positive way, and am very intentional in my words and actions. I am a better me!

You have to see it to believe it but you have to experience it to truly understand Network Wellness Care. The healing power that Doctor Larry brings into your life will forever change you!”

Liz J.

Croton-on-Hudson, NY

I have been going to chiropractors for over 40 years, for back and neck treatment and finally reached a point where it was time to try something different. (I couldn’t take the ever-worsening pain!) It was time to treat the root cause – not just adjust for the moment.

I was initially trepidatious regarding the Network Entrainment (it seemed weird quite frankly) Thankfully, I didn’t have to go that far. Instead, I drove to Mount Kisco, NY. 

The transformation in my neck and spine has been incredible! Surprisingly, it seems to have had an effect on other areas as well – even my appetite has improved.

I highly recommend Dr Larry and his treatment. I say trust him, give yourself over to his care and prepared to have your mind blown!

Robert M.

Ridgefield, CT.

"RJ," as his friends like to call him, talks about his years of relenting back pain which began at the age of 12.  At that time, the medical doctors felt that back surgery, was necessary. 


After back surgery and receiving many other types of therapy, RJ continued to experience pain for the next 6 years.  Once Network Care began, his pains and physical limitations melted away.


He has gone on to live a normal college life at the University of Connecticut.  "Go Huskies!"

See the video below of RJ's body moving in waves.   

RJ and The Network Wave

The Network Wave releases stored stress and tension patterns that not only restores structure and function, but raises the nervous system to a new level of organization!

Carol W.

Boulder, CO.

“People come into our lives just when they are supposed to, but Dr. Larry appeared as a beacon in mine.  We met as vendors at a health fair and discovered some synergy, but aside from his magnetic personality, something pushed me to visit his office to find out more about what he really did. 


Mind you, I was already seeing a chiropractor as part of my wellness program.  At 67 I had no physical issues of any kind and enjoyed great health.  Coming from a family of all medical professionals, I really didn’t understand how Dr. Larry could transform the nervous system, but the remarkable testimonials his clients volunteered intrigued and attracted me.  After about 45 minutes of conversation and 15 minutes of observing him with patients, I felt a connection to this stranger that was so positive and powerful that I was not just willing but impatient to experience his healing techniques.  While I was not sick, I was hurting.  While I was not unhappy or upset, I was seeking resolution and relief.  And Dr. Larry promised me results.

I tell so many people about this amazing, gifted man.  More than a year has passed, and astoundingly I am the same person, but not at all the same.  I am profoundly grateful for Dr. Larry’s humor, patience, and belief in me.  I’ve had incredible experiences on the table.  Originally, I wanted to open my heart and find my purpose. 


Today I live and speak from my heart.  I know I was put on this earth to bring joy and to love people for being just who they are.  This involves a lot of reaching out and touching, more crying and laughing, and more being the real me, not who I “should” be.  While I was always energetic, I now feel energy pulsating in me and radiating out of me.  It feels soooooo good!  I feel so light, free, and present.  And people notice.

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