The Breathe Network

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Dr. Stern is a practitioner for The Breathe Network, an organization whose mission is to support Survivors of Sexual Violence by providing an integrated list of healing arts practitioners throughout the country.


The Breathe Network’s primary goal is to ensure survivors across the country can identify a sliding-scale, trauma-informed, healer for support. In order to achieve this, The Breathe Network provides both online education and in-person training for health practitioners, reinforcing the skills needed to create a survivor-centered, trauma-informed practice.


 The different healing modalities offered by The Breathe Network holistically address the impact of sexual violence on the body, mind and soul. The body can be a vital healing resource; as symptoms develop as natural responses to trauma. The ultimate goal is to help survivors identify their innate resilience.


 Dr. Stern’s 30+ years of experience as a Wellness Chiropractor and a Network Spinal Analysis Practitioner helps him provide survivors with new freedom, ease and flexibility, by performing subtle entrainments (or adjustments) to their nervous system. These entrainments help patients recover joy, the ability to be present and mindful, and re-experience being fully alive, by releasing the emotions and defense physiology that can arise during victim based internal and external conversations. Dr. Stern works with patients to recognize their innate ability to heal and ultimately reclaim their own power.